Anti-Bot Pro


This bot does Moderation and fun. This bot protects you and your server!

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Anti-Bot Pro

Have you ever heard of Anti-Bot? Well here is Anti-Bot Pro! Anti-Bot Pro is the multipurpose discord bot of Anti-Bot. Since Anti-Bot is only dedicated to moderation we made a bot made for more then just that! The first thing we recommend is starting off with the config's of the bot. Such as the logging and verification. The first thing we would like you to start off with is the logging setiup. By typing -setlogs you will be given a yes or no question to setup the logging. Make sure that the bot has MANAGE_GUILD permission to setup. Now to setup the verification we recommend you first make the roles. The roles that we need you to make are checkver & antiverified. checkver is the role that the bot looks for to see if the user verified or not. If the user did not verify then they do not get the role anti-verified. anti-verified is the role that the bot gives to the user once they verify. Once they verify his role is what gives them access to the server. Do the help command -help to check anymore information on the other features of the bot!


Fun, Moderation, Verification, Auto Moderation(Stops someone from saying the n-word or them sending ip grabbers), Logging, and Config.

Privacy Policy

Do we store data?


Anti-Bot & Anti-Bot Pro store data to make commands like the warn, warns, clearwarns, work. Without storing this kind of data then these commands would not work.

How can I Delete My Data?

To deleted your data you can simple to command -clearwarns | _clearwarnsdoing this will get rid of any warns you have. The bots also do erase things like this at the end of the data meaning data is only stored for a short amount of time. To contact us about this information please join are support server: