Server Stat


Minecraft Java and Bedrock server tracking and skin searching discord bot

Server Stat is still in development and some features may not always work as intended.

Server Stat is a Minecraft server status bot which has all the features you need!

  • Server info and latency
  • Formatted player lists
  • Player searching and skin changing
  • Scroll down to see more features

How to use:

Command Key:

  • Anything wrapped in <> is a required argument
  • Anything wrapped in [] is optional

You can do .help to get a list of all available commands and .help [command] if you would like help on a specific command.

Once server stat is in your server you can use these helpful commands to get everything setup!

  • .setip <server ip> - This command allows you to set the ip of the server that the bot will use in your server.
    • Example: .setip
  • .setport <server port> - If you server does not use the default port of 25565 OR you are running a bedrock server then you will want to change the port that the bot uses to connect to the server.
    • Example: .setport 19132 - Default port for bedrock servers.
  • .setaddress <server address> - This command is a combination of the 2 above, it will set the server ip and port from the server address, this should be the address that you would enter to join the server in-game.
    • Example: .setaddress
  • .setlogchannel <channel id> - The bot allows for basic server logs, it will log when the server comes online, goes offline or restarts, as well as player join/leave messages for supported versions.
    • Example: .setlogchannel here - Set log channel to the current channel.


  • Smart server log
    • A message when users join or leave the server
    • Online/offline and restart messages

  • .players View the server player list
    • Displays an image of player names and avatars

  • .info OR .ping <server address> - Get server info
    • Displays info about the server
    • The latency of the server
    • Favicon of the server
    • Number of players that are online
    • The Minecraft version and if the server is modded

  • .mods A list of mods on a server
    • Only if the server is modded
  • .plugins A list of bukkit plugins on a server
    • Only if the server has bukkit plugins

  • Check if the bot supports your server with the .version command
    • Information about supported minecraft versions

  • .whois <name | uuid> Get any player's skin and username history
    • Download or change to a player's skin