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Hello I'm Website Manager I was created by baconboy#3619 Read the Long Description for more info.

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Hello I'm Website Manager! I'm a Moderation Bot and a Economy Bot with only 1 Website command other commands coming soon!

Main Command whelp Shows this Message

General Commands Coming Soon...

MODERATION COMMANDS wban Ban's a User wmute Mute's a User wunmute Unmute's a User wafk Go AFK is your busy wwarn Warn's a User wwarnings Review the User's Warnings wclearwarnings Clear the user's Warnings wreport Make sure the bot has permission to create channels wping Review the bot's Ping wpurge Delete a Number of messages wsuggest Make sure the bot has permissions to create Channels wkick Kick's a User wsoftban Soft Bans a User from the Server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them.

BOT LIST COMMANDS wreviewbotlists Reviews some of the discord bot lists

MEET THE BOT wmeet Bot Information

ECONOMY wgive Gives money to a user from your balance. wadd-money An admin only command that adds currency to another users balance. wremove-money An admin only command that removes currency from another users balance. wcheck-balance Displays the currency balance of a user. wdaily Claims your daily bonus. wleaderboard Displays the server leader board.

ECONOMY GAME COMMANDS wslotmachine Test your luck against the slot machine.

Links Patreon: Dashboard [Soon] Website [Soon] GitHub [Still Work in Progress]